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State Youth Talent Contest Finals


24 Annual State Youth Talent Finals

L to R Janelle O’Connor, Past President & Hall of Fame SD Association of Fairs & Celebrations, Shelby Stroman - Turner County Fair Reinvite, 3rd Sweepstakes, Evangeline Stewart – Todd County Fair, 2nd Sweepstakes, Lane & Connor Speirs – Butte-Lawrence County Fair, Grand Award, James & John Marrs – Butte-Lawrence County Fair Reinvite, 1st Sweepstakes, Randy Merrill, Past President & Hall of Fame SD Association of Fairs & Celebrations

            On September 1, 2014 at the South Dakota State Fair the crowd assembled enjoyed 13 different acts.  These acts represented 9 different fairs or celebrations throughout the state.  To become eligible to compete at the state level they won a competition at a local fair or celebration.

            Prizes given at the State Contest were Grand Award of $500.00 sponsored by Romeo Entertainment Group of Omaha, NE.  1st Sweepstakes of $250.00 sponsored by Theatrical Media Services of Omaha, NE.  2nd Sweepstakes of $150.00 and 3rd Sweepstakes of $100.00 sponsored by South Dakota Association of Fairs & Celebrations.  The South Dakota State Fair gave t-shirts to each participant.  RaceWest Awards & Trophies from Ipswich, SD provided trophies for this year’s contest.  These sponsors have provided some outstanding prizes for this contest and we appreciate their support.

            This is a great way to increase attendance at your event by hosting a contest as mom, dad and grandparents along with friends usually follow the performers to these types of events.  If you need help putting together a contest for next year, please contact Janet Lehman – State Youth Talent Contest Coordinator – 605-397-8333 or